Board of Directors

Mr. Saad Mohammed Al-Saad

Sa’ad founded Eagle Proprietary Investments Limited in 2008 and serves as Chairman of the Board. Sa’ad is currently Chairman and Managing Director of National Industries Group Holding and a Board Member of Egypt Kuwait Holding Company. Sa’ad has previously held numerous Board seats including: Kuwait National Petroleum Company; Kuwait Aviation Fuelling Company; National Bank of Kuwait; Saudi Land Lime Bricks & Building Materials Company; Kuwait Cement Company; Higher Council for Planning (Kuwait); Contracting & Marine Services Company (Kuwait); Delta Insurance Company (Cairo); Gulf Cable & Electrical Company (Kuwait). From 1998 – 2007, Sa’ad served as Vice Chairman of Contracting & Marine Services Company (Kuwait). From 1973 – 1979, Sa’ad was a Managing Director with Mabanee Company (Kuwait) and from 1973 – 1975, he served as Chairman of Kuwaiti Association of Accountants & Auditors (Kuwait).

Mr. Sulaiman Hamad Al-Dalali

Sulaiman has been Chairman and Managing Director of Ahleia Insurance Company (Kuwait) since 1999. Sulaiman currently serves as Vice Chairman of National Industries Group Holding and is on the Board of Burgan Insurance Company (Lebanon), Arab Life & Accident Insurance Company (Jordan), Trade Union Co-Operative Insurance (Saudi Arabia) and Al-Watania Insurance Company (Sana’a). From 1987 – 1999, Sulaiman was Chairman and Managing Director of Gulf Insurance Company (Kuwait). From 1983 – 1987, Sulaiman served as Director of the Establishment for Settlement of Transactions of Forward Sale of Companies Shares and later as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. From 1968 – 1978, Sulaiman was Assistant Under Secretary for Kuwait University. Sulaiman holds a BA in Accounting from Cairo University.

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Hassan

Ahmed is a General Manager and Finance Manager with National Industries Group Holding. Ahmed currently serves on several Boards including BI Group (UK), Porclad Group, NIC Building Materials, Kuwait Business Town, Markaz, and Iraq Holding Company. From 1982 – 1998, Ahmed was Financial Manager for NI Group. From 1977 – 1979, Ahmed was a Partner and Audit Manager of Adil Al Ghanim & Partners. From 1977 – 1982, Ahmed was Financial Manager with Kuwait Asbestos Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of NI Group. From 1970 – 1977, Ahmed was Chief Accountant with Kuwait Development and Trading Company. Ahmed holds a BA in Accounting from Shams University, Egypt.

Mr. Raj Dvivedi
Chief Executive Officer

Raj has over 35 years of experience in the global finance industry. He currently serves on several Boards including BI Group (London), Accordion Partners (New York), China Risk Finance (China), Shanghai Harvest Network Technology (China), and Eagle Investments Limited (Dubai). Prior to joining Eagle in 2010, Raj held various senior executive positions at Citigroup, last of which was from 2006 – 2010 as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Country Officer of Citibank Kuwait. From 2000 – 2006, Raj held senior roles within Citigroup’s Corporate Bank, Private Bank, and Credit Risk Management businesses, where he was responsible for a portfolio over $11 billion. In 2000, Raj was also appointed Country Risk Manager and was a senior member of ALCO. From 1989 – 1999, Raj was Head of Gulf Financial Institutions and Corporate Banking, covering Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen. From 1975 - 1989, Raj held various positions in Consumer and Corporate Banking within the Citibank organization (and its predecessor Citicorp) in New York and the Middle East. Raj holds a Masters in Finance from Long Island University.