Site Advisory

Eagle Investments Limited (EIL) advises caution against responding to fraudulent e-mails and internet postings purporting to be legitimate EIL communications and postings.

EIL has learned that some unauthorized individuals are pretending to be EIL employees and using EIL’s name, address, and other information taken directly from our official website in attempts to defraud the public.

They send e-mails or letters proposing various schemes such as offering loans and insurance products and requiring an advance payment in connection with a transaction supposedly to be made through EIL.

These fraudulent materials use the EIL name, logo, address, and details all without EIL’s permission. We request you to please be alert and confirm the authenticity of any emails or documents you receive that purport to be from EIL.

Please note:

  • We never send emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other “public” email accounts such as
  • We do not contact individuals through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.
  • All our emails use our email address: and we do not use any derivatives of this address.
  • EIL is not responsible for any such fraud.
  • EIL cannot and will not honor any commitments or promises made by fake employees, impostors, or unauthorized individuals.
  • We urge you to check to make sure that all communications are legitimate and NOT to send money to an impostor.

Here are some tips to help you avoid such fraudulent communications:

  • Be suspicious of unsolicited communications that ask for personal or financial information.
  • Log on to official websites instead of clicking on links embedded in an email.
  • Contact the organization that is supposedly sending the email to verify if it is genuine.
  • Be cautious if you are asked to wire money. If you believe that you have been the victim of any Internet fraud, please consider reporting it to your local law enforcement authority.

Please also notify us if the fraud involves a misuse of the Eagle Investments Limited (EIL) name or logo, or the name of any EIL employee, or a fake email address or emails purporting to be from EIL.

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